Fans’ Choice for the Best Blue Bloods Family Dinner Moment

If you’re a “Blue Bloods” fan, you’re used to Henry Reagan’s lively family dinners every Sunday. These gatherings provide viewers with a relatable experience with the Reagan family by bringing unity, conflict, and humorous moments.

These dinners provide a wild and enjoyable time for fans, with Nicky Reagan-Boyle revealing a non-existent tattoo and discussions on justice and family. It’s an opportunity to feel as if you’re dining with the ever-boisterous Reagans, even if your own family isn’t quite as dynamic.

To determine the most memorable Reagan family meal, Looper surveyed 607 people nationwide, asking them to choose their favorite dinner scene.

Fans’ hearts are still warmed by the Reagans rallying around Linda.

The dinner concluding “To Tell The Truth” in Season 1, Episode 18 was chosen by 24.88% of surveyed readers as the best Reagan family meal. Linda Reagan is rescued after being kidnapped by the underlings of a mob boss, and the subsequent dinner at Pops’ is joyful, marking Linda’s reunion with her children.

The second favorite Reagan family dinner, chosen by 22.08% of fans, is the one following Jamie Reagan’s police academy graduation in the pilot episode.

The celebratory meal turns tense as Danny quizzes Jamie about his readiness for the challenges of being a beat cop, creating an awkward but memorable moment.

During a family dinner in Season 4’s “Justice Served,” Nicky Reagan’s joking mention of a tattoo creates a humorous yet silent moment. The scene, which was discussed in the introduction, received 18.95% of reader votes and was chosen as the favorite Reagan family dinner for Season 4.

Uniforms, a singleton’s Valentines, and a meal over the phone

The Reagan family celebrates Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant in Season 1’s “My Funny Valentine,” embracing their singleton status. This memorable dinner, chosen by 13.01% of readers, concludes with the hope that next year will be better.

In the Season 4 finale, “Exiles,” the Reagan family gathers at home after Frank speaks at a police academy graduation. All family members don their dress blues at the dinner table, and 12.36% of readers voted this as their favorite dinner.

Linda and Danny Reagan share an emotional hospital dinner in Season 5, Episode 22, “The Art of War, Part 2,” after Linda survives being shot during her rounds. Linda attends Henry’s Sunday dinner with the Reagans via speakerphone, and 8.73% of readers found this moment touching.

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