EXCLUSIVE: Will Estes Shares the Biggest Lesson Who Took From Donnie Wahlberg

Will Estes, an actor, recently provided a unique peek into his time working alongside Donnie Wahlberg on the hit CBS series “Blue Bloods.” Despite Wahlberg’s multifarious career, which includes music with New Kids on the Block and restaurant success, Estes stated that Wahlberg’s modesty and dedication to his profession have made an indelible impression.

Estes, who plays Sergeant Jamie Reagan on the program, praised Wahlberg’s mentorship and the crucial lessons he acquired while working cases as NYPD detective Danny Reagan. With “Blue Bloods” continuing to captivate fans, Estes’ observations provide insight into the friendship and professionalism that exist behind the scenes of the famous police procedural.

On Stage and Off, Donnie Wahlberg Fully “Engages” With People.

The drama of “Blue Bloods” unfolds on the bustling streets of New York, attracting spectators anxious to see the action for themselves. While Tom Selleck commands attention, Donnie Wahlberg steals the show with his loyal fans. Fans flock to the site at morning, ready to meet their idol. According to co-star Estes, Wahlberg’s contact with fans is exceptional, leaving a lasting impact through his real participation.

Estes describes Wahlberg as a captivating individual, both on and off set. Their dynamic on-screen chemistry is mirrored behind the scenes, where laughter and camaraderie abound. Despite the challenges of filming, working with Wahlberg is a joyous experience for Estes, who praises his co-star’s ability to bring fun and mischief to every moment.

In essence, Donnie Wahlberg’s magnetic personality resonates with both fans and coworkers, making him a truly remarkable figure in the entertainment industry.

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  1. I’ve been a Hugh fan since the start. Will is a HOT young man. The whole cast is great, loved pops in Bumblebee, Erin in Coyote, Danny in Band of Brothers, Eddie sorry haven’t seen you in anything but Blue Bloods, and Tom I loved you as a cowboy and a retired lawman in the Cape(?) . Question is Commissioner Reagan going to fall in love? I hope it’s with the actor who he bought a gun for they had chemistry. And Erin get beck with Jack and Eddie & Jamie start a family you know that’s what we all want. I love Nickie I wish she was in more I love the relationship between her and Tom. The two boys are good and there not in a lot either. I know you can’t have it all but once in awhile… You have a wonderful show let’s keep going on. We need shows like this .

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