Exciting NCIS Season 21 Clue Reveals Imminent Return of Mark Harmon’s Gibbs


NCIS season 21, episode 3 implies that Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs may return shortly. Despite previous losses, including Gibbs, excitement in his prospective comeback is high.

Ducky’s tribute episode seemed like a good fit for Gibbs’ return, but it instead featured Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo. However, a new instance suggests Gibbs’ involvement again.

The team’s ongoing escapades post-Gibbs have fans eagerly anticipating his return. While the exact timing is unknown, signs in the most recent episode imply it may not be too far off.

NCIS Season 21, Episode 3 Unveils Truth About Gibbs’ Retirement

In a gripping twist, NCIS Season 21, Episode 3, titled “Lifeline,” unveils the hidden truth behind Gibbs’ retirement. As the team tackles a domestic t3rror threat with a troubled former agent, a retired CIA friend sheds light on Gibbs’ situation.

Unlike the usual case participants, the ex-CIA retiree eagerly jumps in, citing boredom as his reason for involvement. This sentiment echoes Gibbs’ newfound peace in Alaska, where he retreated two years ago.

Gibbs’ retirement, which he described to McGee as a search for peace following the tragedies of Kelly and Shannon, may have been tainted with a sense of purposelessness. Could his comeback in Season 22 be on the cards as he seeks a new mission beyond fishing in Alaska’s tranquil landscapes?

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