Eric Christian Olsen’s Family, Including Off-Screen Sister-In-Law & On-Screen Wife Daniela Ruah

Eric Christian Olsen as a man struggling to find happiness in his home in “NCIS: Los Angeles” dazzles his audience. In reality, this captivating actor has a seamless relationship with his ideal family, which includes his onscreen wife, Daniela Ruah.

Marty Deeks (Eric Christain Olsen) is the man who witnesses difficulties in his marriage to Kensi, according to fans of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” drama (Daniela Ruah). In recent times, these two intriguing characters have had to deal with complexities in their love lives.

They are, however, great friends in real life and in happy relationships. Ruah is happily married to David Paul Olsen, and Eric is also a happily married man who enjoys a healthy romance with his long-term actress wife, Sarah Wright Olsen.


Eric and Sarah have been married for nine years but have been together for fifteen. They met for the first time in 2006, when they co-starred in the Fox sitcom “The Loop.”

While many superpower couples recount their first meeting as the moment both of their hearts stopped beating, the Olsens have a different story. Eric claims that it was never love at first sight; instead, he was cruel.

Sarah earned her role on “The Loop,” according to the actor, because of her stunning appearance. However, despite her impressive talent, he did not believe she would have been on it. The actress disliked him as a result of his hostility.

Somewhere along the way, while working as coworkers, Eric found her jokes amusing and later apologized for making such an impression on her. They became friends after that, and the rest is history!


They dated for five years before the “NCIS: Los Angeles” star proposed with the sweetest words that showed he cherished his lover and would love to spend the rest of his life with her.

A year after their engagement, the couple held a fairy tale wedding ceremony in the evening around their mountainside home in Wyoming in 2012.

They’ve been enjoying their blissful romance ever since, and the only news about their marriage revolves around the couple celebrating each other.

They decided to expand their family two years after their marriage. Wyatt Oliver, their first child, was followed by two daughters, Esmè Olivia and Winter Story.


The Olsens demonstrate that fairytale romance exists both in films and in real life. They have been determined to create wonderful memories since their time together.

The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary last year. Sarah honored the occasion with a sweet wedding throwback image sprinkled with the most compelling message.

The actress appears to have a way with words, and she never seems to run out of things to say when it comes to expressing her love for her husband. Sarah shared a photo montage in June commemorating their ninth anniversary, detailing their exciting journey thus far.

She also included a heartfelt message that read, “15 years together, 9 years married, 3 amazing children… you make it all magical…

@ericcolsen, every single time.” She finished by writing:

“Thank you for all of your love, for all of your listening, and for always guiding our family in thoughtful communication. For understanding that I require snacks and additional blankets… I adore you. Congratulations on your anniversary.”

Eric returned the affection with a sweet photo of himself, beaming as he carried their youngest child and his wife leaning against his shoulders. The father of three children wrote:

“Happy Anniversary to the mastermind behind all things magical. Our lives (individually and collectively) are so rich because of your joy, warmth, intelligence, strength, laughter, and fearless love…”


Singing heartfelt compliments to each other is just one of the adorable moments the couple shares with their fans. Parenthood is another aspect of their lives that frequently garners “wows,” and thankfully, it is a role that the couple excels at.

The father of three showcased his life as a father a few weeks before their wedding anniversary. Eric shared a three-slide video of him and the kids bonding while writing an inspirational note about his years as a father.

He stated, “When Wyatt turned one, I wrote the following post. It was over 6 years ago. I think about it a lot. The philosophy of staying in the present moment. In the open and exposed. I think it’s because of it that I don’t just cry at milestones; I cry all the time.”

He explained that tears fall during happy, sad, and even silly moments because he tries to pay attention and appreciate the time as it passes. Finally, Eric made a comparison between a mother and a father.

He continued, “This is probably why (traditionally) mothers cry so much at birthdays and graduations, and why fathers cry at weddings. That we appreciate what is happening in that moment, but are also overwhelmed by all the singular moments… life’s perpetual and spectacular fleeting magic.”


While Deeks and Kensi have a strained relationship on-screen, they make an adorable couple off-screen. Even the on-screen couple is related! Ruah and Eric’s brother, David, have been married for seven years, making them brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Both families spend time together, and Ruah frequently posts photos of the adults and children bonding. They appear to be a wonderful group with an unusual friendship.


Ruah met her now-onscreen knight in shining armor through her onscreen husband. David was his stunt double, and Eric introduced them because they were dating “awful” people at the time.

When the two became acquainted, their relationship blossomed, culminating in a magical wedding ceremony held in Portugal. They have two children, River and Sierra, and have been married for four years.

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