During Her Blue Bloods Exit, Amy Carlson Had A Third Watch Reunion


Amy Carlson’s exit from “Blue Bloods” during Season 8 startled viewers with the unexpected death of her character, Linda Reagan. The news of Linda’s death in a helicopter accident established a gloomy tone for the season.

Carlson’s departure provided emotional weight, particularly given her character’s heartbreaking last scenes, which included watching her family’s home burn down in the Season 7 finale. Interestingly, this sequence also marked Carlson’s reunion with her previous show, “Third Watch.”

Firefighters from Third Watch appeared in Carlson’s final scene.

Amy Carlson’s final scene on “Blue Bloods” involved a dramatic house fire, where real firefighters, some of whom she had worked with on “Third Watch,” made an unexpected reunion.

Despite the typical Reagan family dinner in the episode, the standout moment was the destruction of Danny and Linda Reagan’s home. The scene was illuminated by the raging fire and the lights and sirens of first responders, emphasizing the helpless feeling of the Reagans as they watched their home burn.

Carlson, who portrayed Linda Reagan, described the experience as strange yet special, particularly reconnecting with former colleagues from “Third Watch,” where she played firefighter and paramedic Alexandra “Alex” Taylor.

Carlson’s character was also k1lled off in Third Watch.

Amy Carlson’s character, Alex Taylor, met a horrible end on “Third Watch,” like she did on “Blue Bloods.” In her final episode, Alex, a paramedic, is k1lled in a car explosion that splits her body in half.

Carlson’s decision to leave the show and explore new ventures led to his unexpected death. Carlson acknowledged her wish to pursue other possibilities in a 2003 interview with TV Guide, noting the show’s change toward more cop-driven plots as a reason for her departure.

Despite leaving “Third Watch,” Carlson went on to work on projects like “Law & Order: Trial By Jury,” but “Blue Bloods” remains one of her most recognizable roles.

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