Donnie Wahlberg from Blue Bloods provides a concerning life update but reassures, “All Will Be Okay”

On Blue Bloods, he plays one of New York City’s toughest detectives, but what happened to Donnie Wahlberg rivals some of the most dangerous cases on the show he’s been a part of for the past decade.

Wahlberg stars as Detective Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods, NBC’s procedural drama about the Irish Catholic Reagan family in NYC, known for their law enforcement legacy.

The cast includes Tom Selleck as Commissioner Frank Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as ADA Erin Reagan, Will Estes as Sergeant Jamie Reagan, and Len Cariou as Grandfather Henry Reagan.

“I’m incredibly grateful for Blue Bloods’ decade-long run on TV,” Wahlberg said in 2023 to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s incredible to be doing what I love.”

I’ve been in my band for nearly 40 years and have been performing this show for 13 years. I’m extremely grateful.”

Wahlberg, accustomed to on-screen danger in NYC on Blue Bloods, faced a real-life life-or-d3ath situation recently while likely returning for filming. Discover why the star, Donnie Wahlberg, is relieved to be “safe and sound” after an unexpected emergency.

Do you know what happened to Donnie Wahlberg?

Donnie Wahlberg revealed in December on Instagram Stories that the plane he was on had to make an emergency landing due to hazardous weather conditions. He thanked the pilots, CJ and Matthew, for safely navigating the situation.

Captioning his post, Wahlberg wrote, “Brutal weather forced us to land in White Plains after a failed attempt in New Jersey, but we made it SAFELY! #safeandsoundandontheground.” In another post, he added, “#Thankful. All will be ok – come what may,” accompanied by prayer hands, a red heart, and a shooting star emoji.

Wahlberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, live in St. Charles, Illinois. Blue Bloods, on the other hand, is filmed in New York City, which could explain why Wahlberg was flying into New Jersey.

Wahlberg confirmed his return to Blue Bloods Season 14 with an Instagram video in November, dressed as Detective Danny Reagan. In the post, he expressed gratitude for the fans’ patience and excitement to reunite with the cast and crew, saying, “It’s about that time again. Blue Bloods Season 14, here we come. Let’s Go!”

Wahlberg posted an Instagram video from the Blue Bloods set in November with co-star Marisa Ramirez, aka Detective Maria Baez. “Happy Monday!” it said. Reagan and Baez have returned to the set! Let’s get started! #MondayMotivation #BlueBloods #Happy #Monday,” the post said, and it included a behind-the-scenes video with the words: “We’re back.”

CBS confirmed in November that Blue Bloods Season 14 will be its last. The season will be divided into two parts, with the first 10 episodes premiering on February 16, 2024, and the final eight episodes set to debut in fall 2024.

“It’s been an honor to work on a show celebrating NYC’s protectors and emphasizing family,” Tom Selleck, who plays Commissioner Frank Reagan, said of his 13 years on Blue Bloods.

For over 275 episodes, working with this incredible team has been a dream come true. Thank you to CBS Studios, CBS Network, and all of the devoted fans who came out for Friday night dinners.”

Blue Bloods, according to CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach and CBS Studios President David Stapf, will “forever be a beloved part of CBS’ legacy.” They acknowledged its unprecedented Friday night dominance and praised its devoted fan base.

The pair thanked the cast and crew, describing them as “embraced family” and “welcome guests” at the Reagan dinner table.

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  1. DEFINITELY going to miss my favorite show on TV!!!! I’ve pretty much seen every episode, at least once, and always find reruns of the show too watch, even if I seen it recently lol. The cast is great, all of them, and hoping to see this last season 😭 the absolute best of all of them….my rerun watching depends on it 😍

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