Donnie Wahlberg Sends Blue Bloods Fans into a Frenzy with Unforgettable Behind-the-Scenes Moment

Devoted ‘Blue Bloods’ viewers value the Reagan family ties, gripping crime-solving plots, and engaging supporting characters. Donnie Wahlberg, better known as Danny Reagan, connects with fans through intimate social media posts. A recent behind-the-scenes photo sparked interest among fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ and Wahlberg’s previous work.

Fans Were Impressed with Bridget Moynahan’s New Kids on the Block Blouse.

On March 20, 2022, Donnie Wahlberg posted an Instagram video of a ‘Blue Bloods’ rehearsal featuring Bridget Moynahan wearing a New Kids on the Block tee and dancing playfully.

Tom Selleck looked amused nearby, with AC/DC music in the background. Fans adored Moynahan’s support for Wahlberg’s band and asked where to buy the shirt.

Wahlberg Has Previously Made Nods to New Kids on the Block on ‘Blue Bloods’

Donnie Wahlberg, renowned for his role as Danny on “Blue Bloods,” has successfully incorporated references to his New Kids on the Block days into the show.

In the first season, he gently incorporated song titles into his lines, such as “Hang Tough” and “Step by Step.” Fans noticed and liked the references. In addition, there have been tiny references to his musical background, such as a karaoke scene in Season 12.

Wahlberg expressed want to have more band members appear on the broadcast. Vanessa Ray and Marisa Ramirez appeared in a New Kids on the Block music video.

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