Donnie Wahlberg Reveals Heartfelt Bond with Tom Selleck: ‘We Just Became A True Family’

Donnie Wahlberg, best known for his part in “Blue Bloods,” revealed his close bond with co-star Tom Selleck, comparing their relationship to that of a father and son.

In a recent interview, Wahlberg revealed how their connection has evolved over the show’s 14-year run, with Selleck even embracing the “dad” role and referring to Wahlberg as “son.”

Wahlberg described the cast and crew as a close-knit family and expressed gratitude for their long-standing collaboration, noting the beloved dinner sequences that resonate with viewers.

Reflecting on Selleck’s iconic status in television history, Wahlberg praised his colleague’s rare achievement of starring in two highly successful series, including “Magnum, P.I.”

As “Blue Bloods” prepares to conclude its final season, Wahlberg revealed mixed feelings about leaving the actors and crew, who have grown like family.

With Selleck’s portrayal of New York police commissioner Frank Reagan anchoring the series since its inception, “Blue Bloods” has captivated audiences since its debut in 2010.

Donnie Wahlberg’s candid observations into the friendship behind the scenes provide fans with a glimpse into “Blue Bloods'” lasting legacy.

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