Donnie Wahlberg Reveals: “Blue Bloods” Cast Bonds Like Real Family Off-Screen

In a recent interview with Fox News, Donnie Wahlberg, best known for his role as Danny Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” discusses the show’s cast’s close-knit relationships.

With some crew members on board throughout the entire 14-year cruise, Wahlberg described the environment as unique.

He highlights how the cast mirrors the familial dynamics seen on screen, particularly during the iconic Reagan family dinner scenes. These gatherings serve a dual purpose – not only advancing the plot but also fostering genuine connections among the actors.

Wahlberg emphasizes that these weekly reunions are more than simply staged moments; they allow the ensemble to catch up, share tales, and discuss current issues, both on and off set.

In essence, “Blue Bloods” isn’t just a show; it’s a family affair, both in fiction and reality.

“Blue Bloods” Star Donnie Wahlberg Shares Bond with On-Screen Dad Tom Selleck

Donnie Wahlberg, known for his role in “Blue Bloods,” has formed a special bond with co-star Tom Selleck, whom he affectionately calls “Dad.”

Despite the series’ discontinuation following Season 14, Wahlberg remains positive about the long-term relationships developed on site. “We’ve become a real family,” Wahlberg added, admitting that the imminent end of production will be difficult but sure that their bonds will last beyond the show’s conclusion.

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