Donnie Wahlberg Provides an Update on Blue Bloods Following the Cancellation News

Blue Bloods’ cancellation was handled gracefully by CBS and the show’s creators. Tom Selleck thanked his followers, and showrunner Kevin Wade promised a satisfying conclusion. Notably, Donnie Wahlberg, known for championing the show, initially remained silent but has now addressed the news in a video on his Instagram.

Donnie Wahlberg, despite the bad news, switches his focus to the positive, showcasing a complete season of episodes for fans in 2024.

He expresses gratitude and looks forward to returning for Season 14 with the outstanding Blue Bloods cast and crew. A bittersweet response to the cancellation: while Blue Bloods won’t continue beyond 2024, there’s sweetness in having time for a thoughtful conclusion.

The showrunner and writers can address fan questions and tie up loose ends from the past decade and a half.

During an interview with Us Magazine in 2023, Wahlberg discussed the likelihood of cancellation. He admitted that it was possible, but hoped that the show’s creators would have enough time to give them what they wanted:

“I’m an optimist. Enjoying my 13 years on the show, I approach each episode as it comes, staying present. I focus on the journey within each script without getting caught up in future uncertainties.”

Wahlberg and the cast’s plans are now condensed to 18 episodes, notably higher than other delayed cr1me shows. The season will culminate in a two-part series finale, with Blue Bloods set to return on February 16, 2024. Excitement builds for the fate of Danny and the Reagan family.

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  1. Have never been a fan of Wahlberg! I still and always will enjoy the show and the remaining crew and the story lines!

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