Detective Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods Nearly Had a Different Identity


The Reagan family, a multigenerational force in New York City law enforcement, is central to the “Blue Bloods” universe. Even the Reagans, despite their passion, require aid.

Commissioner Frank Reagan is reliant on Abigail Baker, played by Abigail Hawk. Abigail has been Frank’s voice of reason since the first season, offering support and direction.

Abigail, who was originally envisaged as a non-entity, has evolved into a pivotal character in the series.

Abigail Baker Was Written Without A Surname or An Age.

Abigail Hawk, who portrays Abigail Baker on “Blue Bloods,” revealed in an interview that her character was initially named Melissa, with no last name, age, gender, or specific details.

Tom Selleck, her co-star, played a crucial role in fleshing out the character. Selleck changed the name to Abigail, considering Melissa too ordinary, and cleared the last name Baker with the show’s lawyers.

Thanks to Selleck’s decision, Abigail Baker gained a fully developed identity. Now in its 13th season, it’s challenging to imagine the show without the character, showcasing Selleck’s keen eye for a good character.

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