Delilah’s return to NCIS season 20 is confirmed, as McGee’s wife’s connection to the case raises concerns


Delilah Fielding, who last appeared on NCIS in season 19’s Docked, is making a return to the CBS drama.

Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman), Timothy McGee’s (Sean Murray) other half, is no stranger to finding herself in the middle of some of NCIS’ most dangerous and high-profile cases. As season 20 continues on CBS ahead of its winter break and historic three-way crossover with LA and Hawaii, new plot details confirm she’ll return – though not in the best of circumstances.

Harshman will reprise her role as Delilah in the ninth episode of the drama’s 20th season, titled Higher Education.

Unfortunately, the episode is still some time away, as NCIS will take a week off after episode eight airs on November 21.

This means that there will be no teaser promo to give fans a taste of what to expect from Delilah’s return.

The newly released synopsis does, however, reveal some details about what McGee and his wife will face, and they are not pleasant.

“NCIS investigates the d3ath of a college student who was k1lled while running across the street and had connections to McGee’s wife, Delilah,” according to the plot line for Higher Education.

NCIS fans will undoubtedly be concerned about what these connections will entail. Delilah will now be grieving the d3ath of someone she knows.


Perhaps the murd3red student was someone Delilah had previously mentored or collaborated with?

Could the student have been related to Delilah in some way, in what would undoubtedly be a tragic scenario for both her and McGee?

Whatever the connection, it appears that McGee will have a personal connection to another case for the second time this season.

CBS has also released a few production stills from the episode, raising the stakes even higher for Higher Education.

Delilah and McGee can be seen wandering around Waverly University’s campus, presumably where the student had studied before their d3ath.

Delilah appears depressed, which is understandable given the events of the episode, while McGee displays his badge as he searches for answers.

In other news, Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), Alden Parker (Gary Cole), and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) appear to be thrown into the action to solve the hit-and-run.


Parker can be seen in one photo questioning a young man named Logan Kennedy (Zachary S Williams).

Other photos show Knight and Torres conducting their investigation at a frat house, only to be seen sprinting away as if a development had occurred.

Will fans and Delilah, however, get the answers they seek about the case? One thing is certain: many viewers are eager to see Delilah return.

NCIS fan @ellieschqn tweeted after learning the first details of the episode, “I might actually have to watch this ep for delilah, even though I stopped watching ncis a while ago…”

“20.09 episode description #NCIS Delilah is back!!” wrote @knightspalmer. (sic)

Harshman first appeared on NCIS in the season 11 premiere, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, in 2013.

Her appearance in the CBS cr1me drama Higher Education will be her 18th.

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