Daniela Ruah’s Stunt Double on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Will Have You ‘Seeing Double’

The latest season thirteen episode of NCIS: Los Angeles will air tonight, Sunday, October 24. And one member of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast has certainly provided us with a fantastic teaser ahead of tonight’s premiere!

Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, posted a photo on her Instagram page on Sunday afternoon that has fans of the hit CBS show seeing double.

Ruah and other cast members pose for an Instagram photo with their on-screen body doubles, making it appear as if there are two of everyone in the photo.

“Do you see double?” the actress asks in an Instagram post. “Don’t miss tonight’s episode, directed by Mr Eric A Pot, one of my favorite people.”

On the same Instagram post, the actress repeats the same message. Only in Spanish this time.

Members of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast stand alongside their doubles in the photo.

And it appears that the show takes the casting of the cast’s on-screen doubles very seriously. When looking at the photo, you almost have to do a double-take to figure out which is the actor and which is a stand-in.

One agent may have a bloody night ahead of him.

To further tease NCIS: Los Angeles fans ahead of tonight’s premiere, the photo appears to suggest that NCIS: Los Angeles agent Fatima Namazi may be in trouble in the upcoming episode.

The NCIS star is standing next to her on-screen double, whose face appears to be covered in stage blood. Do we get to see the agent in an on-screen brawl tonight? Or is the NCIS agent in for something even bigger?

In tonight’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode, Indentured, Daniela Ruah’s NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye and fellow NCIS Special Agent Fatima Namazi go undercover (Medalion Rahimi).

In order to question the girlfriend of a wanted armed dealer, the agents go undercover in a rehab facility.

In other news, LL Cool J’s NCIS special agent, Sam Hanna, has a run-in with Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney).

Hanna and Kilbride clash after he discovers that the arms dealer Blye and Fatima are tracking while undercover is linked to Kilbride. The dealer is to blame for the assassination of several ATF agents.

Tensions are rising in the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ offices.

The NCIS investigation leads them to a general suspected of supplying guns to militia groups. When the team discovers that the general is a close friend of Hollace Kilbrides, tensions rise.

“I know Gen Collins,” Hollace Kilbride says in a recent episode teaser, referring to the general suspected of supplying arms to militias.

Kilbride responds, “He is a highly decorated officer.” Kilbride goes on to say that it is up to the NCIS: Los Angeles team to handle the case with care.

“This is how I want to handle it,” says Kilbride. “We must proceed with caution, Agent Hanna.” Gen. Collins wields enormous power and political clout.”

Kilbride adds that if the case is not handled correctly, the team will suffer disastrous consequences.

“If we screw this up, it could mean the end of both of our careers,” Kilbride says.

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