Daniela Ruah, star of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ takes us behind the scenes with her ‘Amazing Stunt Coordinator’

Daniela Ruah has a close relationship with the stunt doubles and coordinators on “NCIS: Los Angeles” in more ways than one. She recently shared a photo of herself preparing for various fight scenes on the show with her stunt double and the stunt coordinator. It’s a lot of positioning practice and throwing some fake jabs into the “bad guys” stomach.

She posted three videos of what it takes to create a two-second fight scene. “Little #bts for ya…,” she captioned the videos. @tugger520, our amazing stunt coordinator, and my super duper stunt double @kimberlyshannonmurphystunts are working with me on the fight from the previous episode. Thank you to our “bad guys” for allowing me to practice over and over… I adore this group! The final slide contains the entire sequence.”

It’s amazing how everything comes together. From learning one kick and then one punch to being able to “neutralize” both men by combining all of the moves. In this fight scene, someone throws her a dumbbell, which she effortlessly catches.

This and other action and fight scenes can be found on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” There’s no doubt that she, like the rest of the cast, spends a lot of time with the stunt team. She’s certainly used to it all, having been on the show since 2009.

Daniela Ruah Has a Crush on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Stunt Double

Despite her busy schedule as Kensi Blye and all that entails, Daniela Ruah managed to find her husband on the set of the show as well.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” actress met her show’s co-star and love interest, Eric Christian Olsen’s brother, David Paul Olsen. He appeared on the show to serve as his brother’s stunt double. Eric saw it as an opportunity to set up his brother with Ruah. In an interview with “The Queen Latifah Show” in 2011, he admitted that they were both dating “awful” people at the time. This is why he decided to try to reunite them. He turns out to have some pretty amazing matchmaking abilities.

“When they got together because [David] came on to do stunts, I’d say something nice about her to him and then say something nice about her to him.” “That was enough to get them talking, and it turned into this wonderful relationship,” Eric Christian Olsen said.

They are now married and have two children, Sierra and River. It’s interesting that Ruah and Olsen are on-screen co-stars and lovers, but they’re actually siblings-in-law.

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