The Cutest Erin Scene Ever Seen on Blue Bloods

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is a tough yet fair presence on “Blue Bloods.” She must be, given that she is the assistant district attorney, responsible with ensuring that cr1minals serve the right length of time in prison for the cr1mes they commit.

Unlike her brothers, who typically walk to the streets to solve cr1mes, she spends the majority of her days in an office, but she isn’t hesitant to get her hands dirty when the situation calls for it.

That is why she carries a pistol, and her father, Frank (Tom Selleck), believes she is more skilled with a rifle than Jamie (Will Estes) or Danny (Donnie Wahlberg).

However, she still has a sensitive side, as proven by her daughter Nicky (Sami Gayle), who went for San Francisco and insisted on calling her every other day.

It wasn’t the first time Erin demonstrated her sensitivity; there was another scene in the series that undoubtedly warmed everyone’s heart.

Erin’s Kiss To Frank is Amazing To Behold.

“Blue Bloods”‘s Season 1 Episode 15, “Dedication,” demonstrated the show’s potential for seriousness from the start. The episode begins with Frank departing a restaurant and being shot by an unknown assailant.

He is promptly taken to the hospital, where the rest of the Reagans rush to check on him and ensure his well-being.

Fortunately, he survived the att4ck, and by the time everyone arrives, Frank is awake and alert. He’s even cracking jokes, but it doesn’t make the situation any less terrifying.

It’s a little gesture, but it exemplifies the Reagans’ loving bond with each other.

When the Reagans visit Frank in his hospital room, Erin kisses him on the forehead. It’s an expression of affection that is uncommon in the stoic family.

Long-time watchers have always seen the Reagans as caring for one another. But it’s good to see that emerge in ways other than everyone getting together for dinner on Sunday night.

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