Why Did Cote De Pablo Leave NCIS – (and Came Back 6 Years Later)

Cote de Pablo leaves NCIS in 2013, only to return six years later, sparking fan frenzy. Despite initial opposition following Sasha Alexander’s departure as Kate Todd, de Pablo’s portrayal of Ziva David enthralled audiences over her eight-year run on the show.

Ziva’s path, from her difficult start striving for inclusion at NCIS to her riveting events, which included false allegations and familial tragedy, left an unforgettable effect on the show. Her detention in Somalia is NCIS’ key narrative, and the cultural importance of having an Israeli lead character heightens the suspense for her homecoming.

Cote De Pablo Left NCIS Because She Was Dissatisfied With Her Character.

Cote De Pablo’s retirement on NCIS shocked fans as she bid farewell to her legendary role, Ziva David. While her portrayal of the powerful Israeli woman charmed spectators and emphasized the importance of diversity representation in media, De Pablo’s discontent with Ziva’s plot prompted her departure from the program during season 11.

After revealing that the initial plan for Ziva would have made her’miserable and unfortunate,’ De Pablo felt obligated to leave, unwilling to jeopardize the character’s legacy. Her departure marked the end of an era for NCIS, prompting viewers to consider Ziva’s legacy in television history.

Cote De Pablo Was Persuaded To Return for NCIS Season 17 By The Producers.

Fans of NCIS were ecstatic when Cote De Pablo returned as Ziva David in Season 17. After clearing up misconceptions surrounding her departure in 2016, De Pablo revealed that she did not leave voluntarily but was pushed to return by producers. Executive producers Frank Cardea and Steven Binder sought to create a compelling scenario for Ziva’s return, with a focus on her warning Gibbs about an impending threat.

De Pablo described her return as slipping back into a comfortable slipper, and her arc involving a confrontation with Sahar, a member of a breakaway group seeking vengeance, added depth to her character’s journey. Although hopes for an onscreen reunion with Tony and daughter Tali went unfulfilled, De Pablo’s brief return provided closure for Ziva’s storyline, leaving fans satisfied.

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