Cote de Pablo, an Alum of ‘NCIS,’ Performed Her Own Stunts on The Show

We all know that Ziva David, the Israeli-born NCIS agent, is capable of apprehending any cr1m1nal. Nothing bothered her.

But what about Cote de Pablo? She did an excellent job portraying Ziva. Because, prior to joining the NCIS cast in 2005, she had never even held a gun, let alone fired a Sig Sauer.

She also had to learn to perform her own stunts. Looking back on her time on NCIS, Ziva was even more impressive.

During an interview with CBS This Morning, De Pablo discussed her early nerves about playing her character.

“To say I was nervous is an understatement,” de Pablo said. She talked about going to a shooting range to learn how to use a gun. Or, at the very least, to appear as if she knew what she was doing.

“And I remember holding the gun and trembling,” the NCIS star recalled.

De Pablo admitted to getting a neck injury while performing one of her stunts.

“It was a very simple stunt,” de Pablo told Prevention in an interview. “I’d say one line, turn around, and there’d be expl0sions, gunshots, and all sorts of things.” But because we hadn’t practiced, I had no idea what to expect.”

She stated that debris began to fly at her. De Pablo was bruised all over her body. Then, two days later, she awoke with excruciating neck pain.

De Pablo made his first appearance on NCIS in the season three premiere. She was only 25 years old when she landed her first major network role. Her backstory was also complicated. She was a Mossad agent and the deputy director of the spy agency. Ari Haswari, her half-brother, also murd3red agent Kate Todd.

Ziva and de Pablo stayed with NCIS until the end of season ten. In May 2013, she appeared in her final episode as a full-time cast member, “Damned If You Do.” Ziva, McGee, and Tony resigned within the hour to protect Gibbs during an investigation. After the investigation was completed, McGee and Tony rejoined the team. However, the writers demanded that Ziva return to Israel.

Then CBS President Les Moonves announced that the network wanted one of its brightest stars to stay on NCIS. Moonves stated, “We did everything humanly possible.” “We feel like we tried everything, and she just decided she didn’t want to do the show.”

It wasn’t until three years later that anyone realized what had happened to Ziva. Michael Weatherly decided to leave the show at that point to star in Bull. When writers said good-by to Tony, they also explained Ziva. DiNozzo appears to have left D.C. to care for the daughter he had with Ziva. Ziva, on the other hand, was k1ll3d in an expl0sion at her father’s farm in Israel.

But, when it comes to television, we all know that d3ath does not have to be permanent. De Pablo and Ziva returned to NCIS for a story arc that began in late season 16. Ziva pretended to d1e in order to find out who was attempting to murd3r her.

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