Controversy Brews Among ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Over Frank Reagan


Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ have been hooked to their TVs for more than a decade, following the Reagan family’s exploits in keeping New York secure. At the helm is Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, whose steady leadership directs both his police and his children in their fight against cr1me.

With over 250 episodes, some fans have expressed frustration with certain aspects of the show’s evolution. While changes can invigorate a long-running series, others long for the familiar dynamics they first fell in love with.

Fans disagree on how to understand Frank Reagan’s character development. As the show proceeds, some viewers question the changes in his representation and function within the family and the NYPD.

What Fans of Blue Bloods Still Don’t Understand About ‘Frank Reagan’

“Blue Bloods” fans find themselves divided over their opinions of character Frank Reagan. While some viewers remain staunch supporters, others are growing increasingly frustrated with the police commissioner’s actions.

A recent Reddit thread stirred controversy, with many expressing dissatisfaction with Frank’s character development. Complaints varied from finding him unbearable to doubting his moral integrity. Some viewers vowed to stop watching the show because they were dissatisfied with Frank’s portrayal.

However, it’s essential to note that this discontent represents only a fraction of the show’s vast fan base. Despite the polarizing opinions on Frank, “Blue Bloods” continues to captivate millions of viewers with its ensemble cast and compelling storylines.

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