Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Kevin Costner


Kevin Costner, despite his illustrious career, has found himself entangled in various disputes over the years, creating some notable frenemies along the way.

In a surprise change of events, Costner left the blockbuster series “Yellowstone” citing creative differences and a pay decrease. This feud with creator Taylor Sheridan worsened, resulting in a tense relationship with previous co-stars such as Cole Hauser.

Even Madonna found herself on the opposite end of Costner’s affections after he described her concert as “neat,” only to face her subsequent disdain. Though Madonna later apologized publicly during a concert, the incident left its mark.

Costner’s relationship with filmmaker Kevin Reynolds stalled during “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” due to dialect issues, and tensions escalated during “Waterworld.” Despite subsequently reconciling for “Hatfields & McCoys,” their relationship remained tense.

Not even Universal Pictures was immune to Costner’s critique, as he publicly lambasted their editing decisions on “For the Love of the Game,” sparking a feud with then-co-chair Stacey Snider.

Personal matters also caused friction, notably with tech mogul Daniel Starr, who rented Costner’s property. A rift between Starr and Costner ensued, leading to legal involvement.

Costner even found himself in a courtroom battle with Stephen Baldwin over oil spill technology, with Baldwin alleging deception. The jury ruled in Costner’s favor, affirming his commitment to truth over financial gain.

Despite his successes, Costner’s career has been peppered with conflicts, showcasing the complexities of Hollywood relationships.

Source: Nicki Swift

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  1. Ha. Who wrote this, Weinstein Group still slithering about in the grass. Illustrious career, you say, lol. Powers that be near destroyed him after he took Hollywood by storm via Dance With Wolves and been cheating him near blind for decades. And intelligent, upright and capable Stars who are unmatched, unlimited who cant-stands old-school trafficking Hollywood nor liars, thieves and bullies, he’s considered a management problem and would-be whistleblower who’s not a team-player. Whatever Costner says over everybody and move over already. Bet the ranch on it, buddy!

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