CBS Subtly Announced The Future of ‘Blue Bloods’


It’s no surprise that our favorite shows will be delayed in light of the ongoing actor and writer strikes.

CBS revealed their lineup for the fall of 2023, and the information concerning police drama Blue Bloods was telling.

The Reagan family series has been confirmed to return for a remarkable 14th season (and some of the show’s stars have taken salary concessions to assure its continuation), but it will not appear on CBS’s fall schedule as scheduled.

The network will instead air “classic” Blue Bloods episodes. Reruns, in other words.

With no new shows to run, CBS has had to get inventive in order to fill the time gaps (including airing the Paramount Network series Yellowstone on Sunday nights).

However, for Blue Bloods supporters, Friday night is crucial. The Price is Right at Night, Let’s Make a Deal, and Raid the Cage will air on CBS at night, followed by “classic episodes” of Blue Bloods.

The network did not specify which episodes from the show’s 13 seasons would be aired.

Donnie Wahlberg uploaded an emotional video from the final day of filming season 13 in April, telling fans they’d be back in July to start filming.

That was before to the start of the writers’ strike. The show’s return date is now in doubt because filming cannot begin while the strikes continue.

Stay tuned for more information on the return of Blue Bloods and other popular shows. Meanwhile, you can binge-watch all 13 seasons on Paramount+.

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  1. Bring Blood Blues back. This one of the brst TV shows of today. It is about family and how the work together . Love this show and all the actors and actress. If it is not brought back then i will say GOOD BUY TO ALL OF CBS SHOWS UNTILL IT IS BROUGHT BACK.

  2. Danny needs to chill. Quit the chase, yelling, “Stop!! Police.!! Let him find a love interest. He is the only one who makes me want to turn it off.

  3. Blue Bloods is hands down the BEST show on television!! So great in fact, that I would watch reruns than the other shows on television!! It’s terribly sad that CBS would do this to Blue Bloods!! I think it’s proof positive that CBS does NOT a care what we want to see!! Sad beyond words!!!

  4. My one word reply of a non offensive word is still awaiting moderation. Unbelievable. I guess it’s goodbye to Facebook also

  5. CBS is hurting them selves if Blue Bloods doesn’t return in 2024. It is like was DALLAS back in the day!
    Considering what is on TV these days, not anything as good as Blue Bloods.

  6. I feel the same way. We all want t this show back. Work it out. We don’t need to see game shoes. What a disappointment CBS has become

  7. CBS, I am not interested in reality shows or even game shows, these days. I watch Blue Bloods on Friday nights, Blue Bloods reruns, my favorite news channel, and HGTV, along with an occasional favorite movie! If Blue Bloods is canceled, I will watch the Blue Bloods reruns, the news, HGTV, the occasional movie, but NOT CBS.


  9. Please do not canceled Blue Blood. This is my favorite tv , I look forward to watch show every Frida night

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