‘CBS Reconsider’: Bridget Moynahan Posts About Blue Bloods’ Mid-Season Finale, Fans React to Cancellation

In 2023, CBS confirmed that the long-running procedural Blue Bloods would end after its 14th season, set to conclude later this year. Lead actor Tom Selleck and many fans are not ready to say goodbye. Despite hopes that CBS might reconsider, the show’s end feels inevitable.

Season 14 is divided into two parts: Part 1 consists of ten episodes and Part 2 consists of eight episodes, both of which will air this fall.

Bridget Moynahan recently provided a sneak peek on Instagram before of the mid-season finale, underlining that it was the “last show until fall,” which added to the show’s sense of reality.

Fans quickly reacted to Moynahan’s post, lamenting the show’s cancellation:

  • “Great show. CBS reconsider. So much poor quality television today and Blue Bloods is still high quality.” – budbetsy
  • “All these bad shows for a short period of time doesn’t compete with this excellent show for a long period of time. #savebluebloods 💙” – byondcre8tive
  • “I love this show, please don’t cancel. Can you see if Netflix, Hulu, Peacock etc?” – ninerbaygirl
  • “Say it ain’t so. Come on CBS how many of us need to implore you to NOT cancel Blue Bloods. Good tv is hard to find, don’t take away an amazing show like this.😢” – jaspersgrammy
  • “Don’t let it end! Best show! Love every character!” – stgianna
  • “It’s crappy that [CBS] is doing this and they gave us less episodes too. I’ve watched this show since the beginning. It’s still got so much to offer.” – justshannonmarie

The cancellation has impacted fans deeply. The show has been a consistent component of CBS’ roster for 14 seasons, and its loss will be felt in midseason 2025. With the surprising revival of S.W.A.T., fans hope Blue Bloods will receive similar treatment.

Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck have both expressed a desire for the show to continue, highlighting that much of the cast and crew feel the same. There’s still time for CBS to change course and renew Blue Bloods. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on episodes with a Paramount+ subscription. Season 14, Part 2 will premiere on CBS this fall as part of the 2024 TV schedule.

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  1. Please do not cancel Blue Bloods. It is one of the pure clean great shows left on TV without all the trash and vulgar language and nudity all the crap. The people don’t need to see. Please don’t take away the good TV shows please keep Blue Bloods.

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