NCIS actor Brian Dietzen Recalls ‘Meaningful’ Final Conversation with David McCallum

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, NCIS star Brian Dietzen discussed his last chat with late co-star David McCallum, ahead of the premiere of a tribute episode honoring the renowned actor.

Dietzen, 46, revealed that he had the chance to chat with McCallum a few days before his death in September. Dietzen described a moving occasion in which McCallum’s wife, Catherine, transferred the phone to him while the actor was in the hospital. Despite McCallum’s health concerns, Dietzen stated that he was coherent and happy for the opportunity to communicate with his family and friends.

McCallum, best known for his roles in “The Great Escape” and as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard in NCIS, passed away peacefully of natural causes at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In honor of his legacy, NCIS will air a special tribute episode on Monday.

Dietzen, who portrays McCallum’s pupil in the program, worked with executive producer Scott Williams to create the tribute episode. Their purpose was not only to remember McCallum, but also to commemorate his life and influence on the NCIS universe.

The episode aims to convey how everyone, both on and off-screen, has been enriched by knowing McCallum. Dietzen emphasized the importance of striking a balance between mourning the loss and celebrating McCallum’s contributions to the show and the lives of those around him.

The NCIS crew intends to deliver a poignant memorial that reflects McCallum’s long-lasting influence and leaves fans with a sense of gratitude for the extraordinary person he was.

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