Blue Bloods Fans Have Re-Voted For The Series’ Worst Episode on IMDB

“Blue Bloods,” the long-running CBS police procedural starring Tom Selleck, has received plaudits for its 270 episodes.

However, a number of episodes have sparked widespread criticism among fans. Season 5, Episode 3 (“Burning Bridges”) received criticism for its representation of homophobia in the police force, but viewership improved slightly over time.

Conversely, Season 8, Episode 15 (“Legacy”) has become the lowest-rated episode on IMDb, with a dismal 6.9 rating, making it the only one to dip below seven.

Despite many episodes receiving positive reviews, “Legacy” has continued to decline in fan appreciation, sparking questions about its lasting impact.

What Happened in Legacy..?

In the “Legacy” episode of “Blue Bloods,” three storylines unfold, with Jamie Reagan on the sidelines until the final scene.

Danny Reagan struggles with a job offer that conflicts with his role as a single father, ultimately deciding to stay a cop despite the financial benefits.

Nicky Reagan-Boyle faces workplace harassment, inspiring others to speak out. Commissioner Frank Reagan handles a rookie cop accused of racial profiling, leading to her dismissal to uphold police integrity.

Despite seeking to address crucial concerns, the episode got negative feedback, becoming the least favorable entry on IMDb and forcing some fans to reconsider their support for the Reagan family’s criminal justice history.

After Legacy, several fans quit watching Blue Bloods.

An study into why “Legacy” has become everyone’s least favorite entry from the series on IMDb has uncovered a number of unapologetic eyewitness reports proving the episode is extremely horrible.

One IMDb user expressed their displeasure by naming their review “Disgusting Episode,” expressing their disappointment after being a fan for so long. “8 years of a great show, but this one (“Legacy”) is just stupid,” remarked one person.

Some users on the platform went even farther, with one user not only criticizing the entry’s bad writing but also threatening to abandon “Blue Bloods” entirely. “This episode is not believable,” remarked one commenter. “What became of the writing?” If this continues, you will lose me as a viewer.”

Another IMDb user didn’t hold back in his criticism of the show’s authors, even declaring that he would no longer support the series, writing, “Who were the idiots who wrote this episode?” “You lost me as a true Blue Blood Fan!” the individual concluded their assessment. Tom Selleck also lost a fan!”

While there is no disputing that “Legacy” has its detractors, there are a number of alternative options for fans to appreciate from the series, particularly any of the highly praised chapters that are among the best episodes of “Blue Bloods.”

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  1. Does t everyone deserve an ‘oops’ now and then? Are we that perfect that we never make an mistake? wow people, you loved the show up until an episode aired that you didn’t like. Are you a sports fan? Do you love your team until they lose a game?
    If you didn’t like one episode and the reruns come out then DON’T WATCH IT.

  2. This is stupid, people are offended over everything. Every show I ever watched has episodes that were not among my favorites. Since the show has been cancelled by the idiots at CBS, there is no point to this article.

  3. Wow, some fans are either Super Sensitive or not the brightest bulbs in the box. There are some series that I watch and once in a while I haven’t cared for a certain episode , but I didn’t stop watching the series altogether. Come on are these adults that are that critical ? I read those comments in different headings ,just shook my head and went on. I am more upset that this is last season with 14. I look at SVU on another channel , they are Proud to have as many seasons stacked up as they have, and CBS wants this show to go out while they are still on top?? That’s all they can come up with? There are so many more story lines Blue Bloods could explore even if one or both older main characters were to pass or just retire. My belief is you’re selling your fans a package of BS. I will end my rant now, I said my piece!

  4. My biggest problem is the addition of Joe the grandson. If you look at the time line you realize Joe the son was alive and never told about his son. No one even mentions how wrong his mother was for keeping him away from the Regan family. If you do the math this child was at least 12 when Joe was killed. That’s a lot of time for this woman to keep her child from his father while living in the same area.

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