Blue Bloods: Why Did Actress Sami Gayle Leave The Show as Nicky Reagan?


Blue Bloods has lost a few of its brightest performers, including Frank Reagan’s granddaughter Nicky.

Blue Bloods concentrates upon the Reagan family’s professional and personal lives, but why did actress Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan, leave the show?

When Blue Bloods first aired in 2010, Marlene Lawston played Nicky Reagan for only the pilot episode before leaving to further her schooling.

Sami Gayle, an actress a few years Lawston’s senior, was quickly cast in the role of Nicky.

She was a recurrent character for the first year, with Gayle receiving “also starring” credit for the next three.

Gayle’s Nicky was not elevated to the main cast of Blue Bloods until season five.

Why did Sami Gayle, who played Nicky Reagan on Blue Bloods, leave the show?

Gayle became more of a regular from season 10, returning as a guest star, but was completely missing from season 13.

Her persona Nicky went to Columbia University, mirroring Gayle’s life because she was also pursuing a degree at the same university.


Gayle will be graduating in a couple of years, so it’s feasible she’ll return as Nicky.

Her character earlier indicated a desire to become the first female Reagan police officer, which may be a wonderful way to reintroduce her.

However, the 27-year-old has returned to the stage, having featured in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bad Cinderella earlier this year.

She’s also appeared in The Congress, Vampire Academy, Noah, and Candy Jar.

According to her IMDb biography, Gayle even had an uncredited cameo as a performer in Blue Bloods in 2012 for the song I Don’t Need Anything But You.

Fans will have to wait a little longer for the full Reagan family, let alone Nicky, for the time being.

Blue Bloods has been renewed for a 14th season, much to the delight of fans.

However, because to the writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood, films have been significantly delayed this year.

It is now projected that Blue Bloods will not return until early 2024, however this is dependent on when the demonstrations stop.

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