Blue Bloods: Vanessa Ray’s On-Screen Chemistry With Will Estes, Even Noticed by Her Mom!


Since its debut on CBS in 2010, the police procedural/family drama “Blue Bloods” has seen various character connections develop. There were plenty of growing love relationships that fans are glad never materialized, such as Frank (Tom Selleck) and Abigail (Abigail Hawk), as well as the lengthy courtship and eventual marriage of Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray).

In a 2022 interview with The Nerds of Color, Ray’s mother discussed her daughter’s strong friendship with her co-star.

She stated, “My mom arrived on set early, and they gave her the headphones and whatnot, and she said, “Are you aware that you two never stop talking?” I was like, “What?” She goes, “There are no other actors.” Everyone else takes a minute; they sit, and we speak the entire time.

Ray noted that she and her co-star never had to halt their conversations to find something to talk about. Despite their conflicts, the performers were always able to reach an agreement on any topic or issue.

The actors have remarked about the difficulties of playing romantic partners while keeping a relationship in real life, which Ray’s mother picked up on right away.

Ray and Estes Faced With Some Awkwardness Because of Jamie and Eddie’s Devotion for Each Other.

On “Blue Bloods,” Jamie and Eddie’s relationship has grown endearingly since Vanessa Ray joined the show in Season 4.

However, the dynamic duo’s friendship extends beyond the screen, and the two actors have become enduring confidantes despite having to play one other’s spouses on television.

Vanessa Ray also told The Nerds of Color that reflecting on the beginning of her agreement with Estes allowed her to understand its significance.

“It’s someone who understands me in a situation where, for example, even my dearest friends haven’t worked with me on long, 12-hour days,” she said.

The actor concluded her thinking by reflecting on their professional and personal union, which has lasted eight years. But it wasn’t always easy to distinguish the closeness her mother saw between the colleagues from Jamie and Eddie’s desire for one another.

When questioned by CBS’s “Watch” in 2019 how it felt to be friends yet still being able to kiss truthfully while in character, both actors admitted that the second kiss between their roles was much odd than the first.

Estes continued, “Because we’d become friends by that point. We’d spent many hours together. We are wedded without the romance.” This is a reality that viewers undoubtedly picked up on as early as Vanessa Ray’s mother did when she noticed her daughter’s chemistry with her companion.

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