‘Blue Bloods’: Three Prime Examples of Show Writers Who Are Painfully Inconsistent


We love Blue Bloods, but finding a show with more discrepancies may be difficult, as the authors seldom remember their prior assertions.

Blue Bloods is fantastic. You enjoy it, we enjoy it, and the cast enjoys it. However, despite being directly associated with the show, there is a big group of people that appear to be uninterested in it. We’re discussing its writers.

Blue Bloods, unlike most series, does not have just a number of writers. It also does not have a tiny crew of five or so authors.

Instead, there are dozens of them – much too many for a single concert, to put it mildly. While it may be advantageous for the showrunner in some ways, it is disastrous in others.

The biggest issue we, and many other fans, have with Blue Bloods is the consistency of the writing. We don’t mean consistency in the sense of “Oh no, they ruined characters X, Y, and Z.”

We mean “having a functional timeline that doesn’t contradict itself every other episode” by consistency. The show is completely inconsistent in this regard.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ll give you three unusual examples.

What is the name of Frank’s eldest child?


“Come on, it was Joe, and now it’s Danny,” you probably thought. We thought the same thing, but the writers aren’t so sure. Joe was formerly referred to be Frank’s eldest kid.

Joe was born third, as mentioned several times in later seasons. They returned to stating that Joe was the elder son this season. For a brief while, the departed Joe appeared much younger in everyone’s eyes.

Erin, how old is she really?

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not here to ask improper questions; it’s just a little annoying. Erin claims to be 36 in season 2, and her 40th anniversary in season 6 proves it.


An entire episode was dedicated to Erin’s birthday in Season 6, however when Frank went out with Erin’s blonde Australian friend, it was noted that they met at Erin’s 40th birthday party. Did she turn 40 twice, or what?

Nicky was born on what date?

Nicky turns 16 in Blue Bloods Season 3. If we think Erin was 36 in S2 (which we no longer do), she gave birth to Nicky when she was 21 — before Law School, in other words.

However, in later seasons, whenever Erin and Jack recall their time in Law School, they mention that they were a new relationship at the time. What role does Nicky’s birth have in this story?

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