‘Blue Bloods’: The Reagans May Enjoy Dinner, But Danny Has a Breakfast Problem

Sure, the Reagans enjoy dinner, but in “Blue Bloods” Season 4, Danny struggled with the most important meal of the day-breakfast.

To begin with, the show is a good mix of cop drama and lighthearted moments. Take a look at some of the show’s long-running stars, such as Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, and Bridget Moynahan, and it’s easy to see how the show has lasted as long as it has.

Those comedic moments advance the plot and make the characters more appealing. Leave it to Donnie Wahlberg to shake things up on the show and even on social media every now and then.

As Donnie’s Danny Reagan demonstrated in Season 4, a lighthearted moment can go a long way. Looper recently picked up on the moment.

Wahlberg Balancing Cop and Fatherhood

In one scene from Season 4, Episode 13, “Unfinished Business,” the detective collaborated with Maria (Marisa Ramierez) to find an Army veteran Danny suspects of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It could be a demanding and exciting job for the two.

Reagan has breakfast duty before committing to the job. Danny tries to make pancakes first, then smiley faces on top of them.

That can be difficult for any father or mother. However, for this cop, who may be mentally preparing for his day, it may be difficult. Typically, syrup and butter are purchased for a quick pancake breakfast. Perhaps you’d like to jazz it up with some mold and cut out some shapes.

Danny Reagan has a different plan. He pours just enough batter to create eyes and a smile (or grimace, for that matter). Sure, it’s a nice trick, but the full-time cop responds to the pancake eater with “it looks like a grumpy face.”

Oh well, the dad joke made me laugh. But, on the other hand, I make scrambled eggs with toast whenever I can.

A ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Receives a Heartfelt Tribute

Last week, Donnie Wahlberg shared a few photos of himself with his “Blue Bloods” father. The Instagram post was picked up by The Express Daily.

On his 77th birthday, the 52-year-old actor lavished affection on his on-screen father. By the way, the cast of the show is all about celebrating birthdays together.

“Happy Birthday to my TV dad, and real-life friend and father figure, Tom Selleck!” said Wahlberg. He went on to express his gratitude for having Selleck in his life. He even made a joke about “Love you, Dad” and “Always, Son!”

Wait. Is there an Instagram account for Tom Selleck? Most likely not. Wahlberg added a postscript to his message, stating that the man most likely “doesn’t know what Instagram is.” But who can say? Maybe one day Selleck will be able to take a break and find the message.

But, in the end, Wahlberg has a good time and a great opportunity to tell his fans that the former “Magnum P.I.” star means “a lot” to him.

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