Blue Bloods star Nicky, Expresses Regret Over Limited Scenes with Co-Star: ‘I’d Learn A Lot!’

Sami Gayle, well known for her role as Nicky Reagan on CBS’s iconic drama Blue Bloods, recently expressed her unhappiness with the lack of moments she had with co-star Steve Schirripa, who played Detective Anthony Abetemarco.

In an interview with Glitter magazine, Gayle expressed admiration for Schirripa’s work, citing his roles in The Sopranos and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She lamented the missed opportunity to learn from him on set.

While Schirripa’s character, Detective Abetemarco, became a close family friend on the show, his interactions with Nicky’s character were limited due to their respective storylines.

Despite this, viewers enjoyed watching him fit within the Reagan family dynamic.

Nicky’s absence from the show since Season 10 left a noticeable gap at the Reagan family dinner table. Her character’s departure to pursue career opportunities in San Francisco surprised viewers, given the family’s tradition of law enforcement careers.

However, there is hope for fans as the show’s creator, Kevin Wade, teased Nicky’s prospective return, saying, “Hopefully she’ll swing by.” Despite previous schedule conflicts that prevented her return, Wade showed interest in bringing her character back for a family meal, maybe exposing her to new characters such as Joe Hill.

As Blue Bloods continues to evolve, viewers eagerly anticipate the reunion of Nicky Reagan with her family, sparking renewed interest in the beloved cr1me drama.

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