Blue Bloods star Danny Reagan Nearly Had His Real-Life Wife Play His On-Screen Lover

Donnie Wahlberg, well known for his role as Danny Reagan on the TV series Blue Bloods, recently disclosed an unusual fact about the show’s casting.

Jenny McCarthy, Wahlberg’s wife, was offered the role of Danny’s high school love interest, Marianne Romero, in a flashback scene during the show’s fourth season.

Despite the tempting offer to work alongside her husband, McCarthy turned down the opportunity, citing concerns about complicating their relationship and the viewing experience for fans. Instead, the role went to Charisma Carpenter.

Wahlberg showed openness to McCarthy guest appearing on the show in the future, but acknowledged the challenges posed by her obligations, particularly her work as a judge on The Masked Singer.

Though McCarthy passed on the chance to appear on Blue Bloods, the couple remains happily together, leaving fans hopeful for potential future collaborations on-screen.

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