Blue Bloods: Sorry, But The Greatest Storylines of Season 14 Aren’t Realistic

Blue Bloods fans are divided about the latest season’s opening, which has conflicting reactions to the new story arcs. While some people enjoy the surprise twists, others find them unrealistic.

In the premiere, Frank Reagan unexpectedly makes amends with the Mayor, breaking from their long-standing animosity. Meanwhile, Jamie Reagan embarks on a perilous covert mission, departing from his regular role as the precinct’s golden child.

Fans Cheer, Critics Skeptical

While many fans welcome the change in dynamics between Frank and the Mayor, others question the sudden shift in their relationship after years of animosity. Similarly, while Jamie’s new storyline adds excitement, skeptics argue that his high-profile background makes him an unlikely candidate for deep cover work.

Looking Ahead

Despite the mixed reviews, fans are eagerly anticipating the rest of Season 14. With Frank’s nearing retirement and Jamie’s perilous job, viewers are excited to see how both plotlines develop.

In Conclusion

While the premiere of Blue Bloods Season 14 offers both excitement and skepticism, fans are ready for the journey ahead as the series approaches its finale.

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  1. CBS, if Blue Bloods Season 14 seems unrealistic, none of the many many fans will care. Our everyday news happenings seem too much to believe these days!

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