Blue Bloods Should Finally Address Fans’ Biggest Complaint in Season 14


There will not be a better chance.

Cliffhangers are one thing that helps sell the show while alienating the bulk of TV viewers. Of course, the more dramatic the moment when the show leaves its viewers, the better the possibilities of a return.

However, when this technology slips into the wrong hands and is utilized excessively, it becomes difficult to keep track.

Cliffhangers can be effective for midseason and season finales, especially if there is a satisfying conclusion. Leaving the audience to hypothesize about what is coming back engages them in the discourse and gets them interested about the following episodes, which is certainly a positive thing for any promotion.

However, the more cliffhangers are introduced to scenes where they aren’t actually necessary, the more aggravating they become.

Unfortunately, Blue Bloods viewers are all too familiar with the wince that comes with lackluster cliffhangers. The only hope is that the show would change its ways in the following season 14.

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