Blue Bloods Season 14: Will Len Cariou Reprise His Role as Henry?


The man behind the entire Blue Bloods family is Henry Reagan (Len Cariou). He’s the father of the current police commissioner, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), and while he’s rarely featured in the main plot, his presence serves as a type of glue for the rest of the cast members.

As Blue Bloods prepares for its fourteenth season as Henry grows older, the topic of whether he will remain on the program arises. Will Henry be written off, or will he make a comeback after a relatively quiet season 13?

Is Len Cariou departing from Blue Bloods?

The general rule is that an actor returns to a long-running show until otherwise specified, and there have been no reports that Cariou is calling it quits.

Despite his age of 83, the actor is as eager as ever to join the show’s outstanding cast.

“When the offer came, my wife got the appointment from my agent on the internet and said, ‘This show, you’re going to get this role playing Tom Selleck’s father, and it’ll run for ten years.'”

In 2022, he told Looper, “I laughed at her.” “We are barely a generation apart. And then, [approximately] 13 years later…”

If Cariou’s passion wasn’t contagious enough, he claimed that he intended to continue playing Henry for another five years!

“We’ve all said, ‘Hey, we want to do 20,’ and that’s even coming from Tom’s mouth,” the actor revealed to the publication.


“We met with New York’s new mayor, Eric Adams, who told us, ‘Keep it up, guys.'” ‘Keep going.’

We’ve poured a lot of money into New York City over the last 12 years, and the mayor says, ‘Keep it going,’ because it’s good for business.”

Blue Bloods fans, in short, have nothing to worry about. Henry Reagan will remain around as long as the show is on.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite show on TV. I’ve always liked Tom Selleck and have fallen in love with the rest of the cast members as well.

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