Blue Bloods Fans Prepare Yourselves for This Heartbreaking News About Season 14 Episode

Attention Blue Bloods fans! Brace yourselves for some news about the upcoming episodes. Unfortunately, there won’t be a new episode this week due to the NCAA tournament. But fear not, the Reagan family drama will return with a vengeance soon. However, there’s a bittersweet twist: Season 14 will be the show’s last. So, cherish these final moments with your favorite NYPD procedural.

Mark your calendars for forthcoming episodes! On April 5, “Bad Faith” promises the return of a familiar face, while “Shadowland” on April 12 will see Danny Reagan and Maria Baez investigating a homicide case involving voodoo.

But how about the fans? They aren’t taking this parting lightly. The hashtag #savebluebloods has been trending, and a petition to save the show has received more than 13,000 signatures. So, while we may be saying goodbye to Friday nights with the Reagans, our passion for Blue Bloods is as strong as ever.

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  1. The worst decision not to renew Blue Bloods. CBS you will lose a large audience. We don’t need another game show or talk show. We need a family show That is Blue Blood. We followed this family for years the characters grew up . There are so many story lines to go. Jamie’s could become a father. Nikki could get engage or become an attorney. Henry could find companionship. Don’t be stupid keep the show going for years. .listen to the viewer’s. Or you will lose a large audience.

  2. Just when we thought CBS “might be” getting better evening shows, they cancel the only series with promise of devout fans tuning in to Blue Bloods.
    Guess we’ll have to scrub CBS from our cable directory.
    (The advertisers might want to think twice before sinking any more $$$ into ads?

  3. If Blue Bloods is cancelled CBS will lose a lot of viewers. Blue Bloods is a popular show and the ratings are high, again why are you canceling this wonderful family show.

  4. Why oh why are you going to remove the best show on television today. Look at the SVU and LAW/ORDER for so many years on television. People love what you’re doing. Play with it. Don’t give it up for another game show or reality show. We the people want to know what the Reagan’s are doing every Friday night. How awesome is that. You will lose so many viewers. Is CBS that “rich” that they can afford a vacant night with no Nielsen ratings. Oh well, it’s gonna happen.

  5. Ahhh, the plot thickens as this is one of the very FEW TV shows that has those much more Christian, Conservative, Constitutional types of scripts which all those effete, ultra liberal, Marxists in Hollyweird totally abhor as it shows the true natures of REAL AMERICAN FAMILIES which just can’t be tolerated for very long by all these Anti-American pukes who should ALL find one of those 2 huge stainless steel bread chutes, i e., the one on the West coast & the other on the East coast and then slide down one of them into either the middle of the Pacific ocean or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to never be seen again and good riddance to ALL of those useless drones!

  6. Closing down blue bloods is the worst decision CBS has ever made. It’s the most wholesome presentation of family life and law enforcement there ever could be seen. I’m sure they ought to rethink this in the near future! .

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