What Can We Expect in Season 14 of ‘Blue Bloods’?

Kevin Wade, the show’s executive producer, is keeping viewers guessing by stating that the ending has yet to be written. With a commitment to creating 18 captivating episodes, the emphasis is on character development and rewarding storytelling rather than simply establishing a dramatic ending.

Tom Selleck, the show’s iconic lead, teases an exceptional start to the season, promising two phenomenal episodes. Episode 3 will pay tribute to Treat Williams, the beloved actor who portrayed Frank’s former partner Lenny Ross and tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Selleck tells supporters that the homage will be emotional but without sentimentality, reflecting Williams’ commitment to the program.

Despite rumblings of a planned wrap-up, Selleck remains optimistic and hints at a potential twist in the tale. His upcoming memoir, aptly titled “You Never Know,” adds to the intrigue surrounding the future of “Blue Bloods.”

As rumor grows regarding an eight-episode finale, Selleck jokes that CBS may have conflicting ideas in mind. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: the fate of “Blue Bloods” remains unpredictable as ever.

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