Blue Bloods Season 13 Shocks Fans: Danny Reagan’s Date and Jackie Curatola’s Return


In a stunning turn of events in Blue Bloods Season 13, Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, has returned to the dating scene after five years of mourning his late wife, Linda.

The current episode, “Lost Ones,” reveals that Detective Laura Acosta worked Danny’s shift on the awful day of his wife’s death. This discovery elicits surprising feelings, prompting Danny to organize a dinner appointment with Acosta.

However, fans were not thrilled with this development, expressing disappointment on social media.

Many had been rooting for a romantic connection between Danny and Detective Maria Baez. Some even declared they would stop watching the show due to the unexpected pairing.

On a positive side, the episode offers a gripping narrative involving Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan, running for District Attorney.

Frank Reagan’s decision not to fully endorse his daughter sparked controversy, but it ultimately became evident that Frank intends to remain impartial in the political environment.

Despite some discontent among fans, the show’s creators have secured another season, with Blue Bloods renewed for Season 14.

CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach praised the show’s success, citing its gripping storytelling and remarkable cast, including the iconic Tom Selleck.

Furthermore, a surprise announcement has enthralled fans: Jennifer Esposito will resume her role as Jackie Curatola in the season finale. Jackie, Danny’s former partner, left the show in 2012 under dramatic circumstances, but her return as Chief of Police offers fans closure.

While Season 13 has faced criticism for its repetitive plotlines and character choices, the renewal and Jackie’s return offer hope for a more exciting and satisfying Season 14, expected to premiere in the fall.

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