Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 20: Danny Defends Baez, But What Will Happen Next?

According to Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 20 spoilers, Danny must protect Baez and her baby girl from a former arrestee seeking vengeance.

If this were a Baez/Danny fanfiction, this perilous situation would force the couple to admit their true feelings. Will Blue Bloods go there, though?

Unfortunately, this scenario will most likely only exist in the minds of Baez/Danny shippers. In multiple interviews, the writers and actors have stated that pairing these two would be problematic because they would no longer be able to work together and there would be limited story options.

That’s essentially what happened to Jamie and Eddie. Since their wedding, they’ve only shared scenes once a week, which has been heartbreaking for the couple’s fans.

Even if it doesn’t lead to romance, scenes of Baez and Danny together could deepen their bond.

Many cop shows employ the “work spouse” trope, in which partners are as close as a married couple. Even if they never become romantic partners, this could certainly be the case for Baez and Danny!

If Danny has to be with Baez 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect her, that could lead to the kind of emotional intimacy that makes them a popular couple, regardless of where their relationship goes after that.

We’ll also get to see Baez’s adorable little girl, who hasn’t appeared on-screen since Baez adopted her a year ago!

The threat is unclear; the spoiler video only shows Baez saying it’s her “turn” for someone to break out of jail and threaten her.

Surprisingly, this scenario appears unrelated to the drug cartel boss who nearly got away with his cr1mes in Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 19. Rodriguez has threatened Danny’s family and Danny himself without success; why wouldn’t he threaten Baez next?

It’s not him, though; it’s someone Baez once arrested. Based on how frequently it appears on cop shows, cr1minals exacting revenge on the cops who arrested them pose a significant risk to law enforcement officers on the job!

Danny must protect Baez while also performing his other responsibilities. He’s a detective, not a security guard or a worker at a safe house. Or will he take time off to deal with this?

Lenny Ross, Frank’s friend, returns to New York. Wherever Lenny goes, trouble follows.

Knowing this, Frank questions Lenny’s official reason for visiting New York and attempts to find out what’s going on. How will the Dream Team react to this?

It can’t be good for Frank to devote police resources to investigating his old friend, and Sid isn’t going to like the idea of investigating what a former cop is up to — even if that cop is Lenny!

It would be a pleasant surprise if Lenny was finally on the mend, but what kind of story would that be?

Meanwhile, Anthony’s cousin Joey has returned.

Joey is Anthony’s family’s black sheep, always getting involved in some scheme that causes chaos, and Anthony always ends up in the middle of it.

According to spoilers, Joey begs Anthony for a favor, which the investigator regrets getting involved with.

Joey’s latest scheme somehow draws Anthony into an underground cr1me ring. Will Anthony infiltrate the ring and bring the bad guys to justice, or will he get in over his head and find himself in hot water?

We haven’t heard anything about Erin’s DA campaign in a while; is she still running? If she is, Anthony’s involvement with Joey and an organized cr1me ring could harm her campaign.

She only requires att4ck ads claiming she works with Mafia hitmen. Those ads would be the worst possible stereotype of Italians like Anthony, but if Erin’s opponents don’t mind slinging low blows, they might go there.

Erin has been losing interest in the race ever since that image consultant forced her to wear those suits that didn’t suit her personality. Could this latest incident be the one that pushes her over the edge?

Of course, if Erin does this, Crawford will most likely remain her boss, which no one wants. But Erin doesn’t seem to have a political heart, so is she the right person to challenge Crawford for the DA seat?

Badillo has returned – where was he while Eddie was dealing with that ridiculous protester last week?

This time, he’s bringing the drama. Eddie advises him on what to do when his ex-girlfriend is physically assaulted, according to spoilers.

Badillo must exercise caution; if he is implicated in the att4ck, even if innocent, he must perform damage control.

Eddie is also prone to getting too involved and putting her two cents where they aren’t wanted, so let’s hope she backs off if Badillo doesn’t want her assistance.

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