Rumors Suggest Blue Bloods Might Not End with Season 14 After All

Blue Bloods, a beloved police procedural, has long been a fixture on CBS’ Friday night roster, enthralling viewers with the Reagans’ law enforcement heritage. With its large audience and passionate fan base, the show has become a staple of primetime television.

Initially slated for cancellation after its 14th season, speculation is swirling that Blue Bloods might not be ending after all. Recent comments from cast members, including Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck, have sparked hope among fans that the show could potentially be revived for a 15th season.

The ensemble cast, anchored by Tom Selleck as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, has captivated fans for 13 seasons, highlighting the family’s hardships and accomplishments in the field of law enforcement. As the last episodes of Season 14 air, speculation grows that this might not be the end of the beloved series.

With its rich storytelling and compelling characters, Blue Bloods has left an indelible mark on CBS’ legacy. As fans eagerly await news of a possible renewal, the show’s future hangs in the balance, leaving viewers hopeful for more adventures with the Reagan family.


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  1. Blue Bloods is a great show. We watch it every Friday night, just like we watched Bonanza years ago. Don’t cancel it…there is no decent show on tv anymore. At the end and around the family table…they talk which is not done anymore.

  2. It’s my go to show everyday on numerous channels.
    I am sure I have seen some episodes 3-5 times.
    My fav is Jamie& Edye’s wedding.
    Please don’t take off TV, it’s the only decent show these days other than sports and awards shows and a few and far between specials!

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