Blue Bloods actor Bridget Moynahan Explained Why She Has A ‘Man Crush’ on Co-Star Tom Selleck


Who could resist Tom Selleck’s charm? From his trademark mustache in the 1980s to his ageless appeal today, Selleck has been a heartthrob for decades, beginning with his appearance in “Magnum P.I.”

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” acknowledges Selleck’s legendary status as the show’s patriarch. “He’s a legend,” she gushes. “Over generations, everyone has known him. So it’s fantastic.”

Moynahan says that if she had been a little older during Selleck’s peak years, he would have been her childhood infatuation. “He was a total stud,” she admits warmly.

Despite playing his daughter on the show for 11 seasons, Moynahan now sees Selleck as a father figure. “But now that he’s my father, I can’t really have a crush on him,” she laughs.

Though Moynahan’s crush is off-limits, fans worldwide continue to swoon over Tom Selleck’s enduring charisma.

Bridget Moynahan’s Surprising Start: From Scuba Model to ‘Blue Bloods’ Star

Bridget Moynahan, recognized for her role on ‘Blue Bloods,’ spoke about her surprising start in the modeling industry.

Her journey started with an unconventional gig – modeling scuba gear in Springfield, Massachusetts. Reflecting on her first job, Moynahan recalled earning around $60 a day, a significant sum at the time.

“I believe I earned around $60 every day, or something like that; it seemed like a lot of money to me,” she shared.

Despite the modest beginnings, it was a welcome change from waiting tables for the aspiring actress.

Moynahan vaguely remembers her shoot outfit, suggesting that it had a swimming suit and fins. However, she joked about her hesitation to go into detail, fearing that the photographs would emerge.

Though her scuba modeling days remain unseen by the public, Moynahan’s journey from underwater gear to the spotlight of ‘Blue Bloods’ is a testament to her diverse career path.

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