Blue Bloods Should Bring Back This Character for the Show’s Last Season

In the tenth season finale of Blue Bloods, Detective Joe Hill was revealed to be NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan’s grandson, which altered the familial dynamic.

Despite his popularity, Joe appeared in only four episodes last season and was missing for the remaining six. As the show enters its fourteenth and final season, viewers eagerly await Joe’s return to wrap up the Reagan family story.

Joe Hill’s Presence In Blue Bloods Brought A Personal Touch To The Show.

Joe Hill’s debut to Blue Bloods brought a human touch to the show. Joe, Frank Reagan’s grandson and the son of his late officer son Joseph, added complexity to the family relations.

In episodes such as “Nothing Sacred” and “Past History,” Joe’s issues with his father’s legacy and his own police career are examined, providing dimension to the plot.

Will Hochman Brings Energy And Youth To Blue Bloods.

Will Hochman injects energy and youth into Blue Bloods with his portrayal of Joe Hill, drawing praise from viewers who want him to join the main cast. At thirty-one, he brings a fresh perspective to the show, adding vigor alongside his older co-stars. Joe’s character, a new NYPD family member, shakes up dynamics, revitalizing the series with rich drama and resonating with long-time fans.

Blue Bloods Fans Adore Joe Hill.

Will Hochman’s portrayal of Joe Hill on Blue Bloods is popular among fans. Despite only appearing in four episodes last season and missing the conclusion, Joe is still a popular character.

Fans hope for his comeback in the final season, given his previous covert work. His absence would create a void in the show’s final scenes, particularly at the Reagan family dinners.


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