Blue Bloods is Back for Its 14th and Last Season: A Star-Studded Goodbye


“Blue Bloods” returns for its 14th and final season on CBS on February 16. Jennifer Esposito, an original cast member, joins Donnie Wahlberg in a compelling narrative involving the apprehension of a known serial k1ller.

The season’s 18 episodes tackle issues of human responsibility and fairness. Available for streaming on Paramount+.

A Star-Studded Get-Together

Original cast member Jennifer Esposito returns as Detective Jackie Curatola for the final season of the hit show. She reunites with her on-screen partner, Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, to take down a notorious serial k1ller, adding excitement to the show’s finale.

Evaluating Personal Responsibility and Loyalty

The final season of “Blue Bloods” investigates themes of personal responsibility and commitment. In the first episode, “Loyalty,” the migrant crisis in New York City tests the mayor and police commissioner’s loyalty. Eddie Reagan, played by Vanessa Ray, also endures harsh criticism, which tests her willpower.

A Flawed But Overall Good NYPD

In the final season of “Blue Bloods,” showrunner Kevin Wade plans to portray the NYPD as flawed but ultimately good people confronting difficult problems. Filming continues on Long Island, with fan favorites returning and a focus on family dynamics.

While there is potential for a future “Blue Bloods 2.0,” the immediate aim is to finish the season strong. Expect riveting episodes that explore issues of human responsibility and the complexity of law enforcement, making an indelible mark on television.


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  1. I am devastated this is Bluebloods final season. Please give the viewers what they want and DO NOT CANCEL!!!!!!! By far best series on TV. Also Hoe needs to be on every episode. It is A shame Linda was killed off.

  2. No! No! Blue Blood is one of the best programs on TV. Always look forward to viewing. The value of this series is unsurpassed.

  3. Just like TV executives, get a program with good morals and they cancel it! Will any of these people stand up and say enough is enough.

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