Donnie Wahlberg Opens Up About Emotional ‘Blue Bloods’ Finale

As the iconic crime drama series ‘Blue Bloods’ enters its final season, star Donnie Wahlberg muses on the strong ties developed on set, notably with his on-screen father, Tom Selleck.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Wahlberg revealed the heartwarming dynamic between him and Selleck, sharing how their relationship transcended the screen. “I call him Dad,” Wahlberg said, highlighting the genuine connection they’ve forged over the years.

Wahlberg described the actors and crew as a true family, expressing his anguish in saying goodbye after 14 years of collaboration. “They’re just incredible to work with,” he said, underlining the close relationship they’ve formed.

‘Blue Bloods,’ which first aired in 2010, follows the Reagan family’s journey as they navigate the complexities of law enforcement and family dynamics. As the series concludes, Wahlberg acknowledges the emotional toll of saying goodbye to his on-screen family but hopes to stay connected beyond the show’s end.

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