Blue Bloods Speculation: Is Danny Reagan Destined to Become the New PC?

As Blue Bloods approaches its Season 14 finale, fans are buzzing with conjecture regarding the show’s ending. The pressing question on everyone’s mind is who will succeed Frank as police commissioner. With the series coming to an end, speculation abounds, including the potential of Danny taking on the job.

Blue Bloods Fans Split on Season Finale Speculation: Who Will Succeed Frank?

The Blue Bloods subreddit is buzzing with theories about the show’s Season 14 finale. One fan predicts a Reagan family uniting for a big case, Eddie and Jamie announcing their baby, and Frank retiring as Police Commissioner. But the real debate? Frank’s successor.

Some believe it is apparent that Danny will take over, but others strongly disagree. Critics believe that Danny lacks political savvy and intelligence for the role. Suggestions for a substitute abound, with many favoring Jamie, noting his calm demeanor and intelligence as more suited to the role. Who will step into Frank’s shoes? The speculation continues…

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