Blue Bloods Filming Secrets That Fans Want to Know


In a recent revelation, the cast of the hit police drama Blue Bloods has opened up about some behind-the-scenes secrets that fans may find surprising.

One of the show’s most iconic features, the Reagan family Sunday dinners, may not be as they appear. While the images emanate familial warmth, they were really shot in the morning, beginning around 9 a.m.

The meal is determined by the writers, property master Jim Lewis, and the restaurant that caters the dinners. Despite the players’ delight for these scenes, filming them may be exhausting, frequently requiring a whole day to complete.

Not all of the food is authentic, with grape juice substituting for wine and iced tea impersonating scotch.

Interestingly, not all cast members partake in the hearty dinners. Some, like Tom Selleck, only eat when the cameras are rolling, while others opt for healthier options like cucumbers.

However, there’s one actor who indulges throughout, according to co-star Sammy Gale: Donnie Wahlberg, who apparently even snacks during rehearsals.

Beyond the dinner table, Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan’s chemistry is said to extend off-screen, with Wahlberg arranging dance parties for the cast and crew.

Moynahan, who was initially hesitant to accept her role, was persuaded by Wahlberg, who offered to pay her his salary if they couldn’t shoot in New York.

As for on-screen relationships, the pairing of Will Estes and Vanessa Ray’s characters was initially met with skepticism, even from Estes himself. Concerns about the “Moonlighting” curse were raised, but their chemistry prevailed, leading to their characters’ marriage.

While fans may want more insight into the characters’ personal lives, the show’s makers strike a fine balance, realizing that not every aspect can be addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. As Tom Selleck points out, pleasing everyone is impossible, yet Blue Bloods continues to attract viewers with its mix of family drama and police work.

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