Blue Bloods ‘Favorite’ and ‘Least Favorite’ Characters, Ranked!


Welcome back to Screen Tremble; today on the channel, we’ll talk about some of Blue Bloods’ most beloved and despised characters. Throughout the series, Danny Reagan is a New York Police Department detective.

He is best known as the Reagan family’s oldest living sibling and a detective with one of the highest “case-closed” file numbers. After completing his military service, he returned to the “family business” full-time. One would expect Reagan, as the oldest of the Reagan siblings, to be the most responsible.

Fans claim Nicky makes the liberal position appear “dull.” Nicky portrays the liberal position as “dumb” and “naive.” This fan claims that the character “doesn’t appear to be able to present viewpoints in a rational manner.”The worst thing about Nicky is that she always makes the liberal position appear stupid and naive. The show requires a liberal character who can present rational arguments rather than emotional ones. Continue watching the video to see more Blue Bloods Most Loved and Hated Characters.

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