Blue Bloods Fans Will Be Left Devastated – and Here’s Why!

Blue Bloods, the hit drama series starring Tom Selleck, is presently in its 12th season, much to the joy of fans. However, the show’s erratic schedule has left viewers unhappy once more, with a three-week hiatus toward the end of 2021.

The last episode of 2021, aired on December 10th, left fans satisfied with various plotlines, including Danny and Baez’s partnership and Eddie’s astrology storyline.

However, the wait for the next episode, titled “Old Friends,” airing on January 7th, has been excruciating for fans.

There is much speculation regarding the future episodes, with indications of previous characters returning, including Frank’s longtime companion, Lenny Ross.

Actor Donnie Wahlberg’s Instagram account has hinted to the reappearance of the character Waylon Gates, played by Lyle Lovett.

In the latest episode aired on December 10th, titled “Firewall,” viewers saw the return of Alex Kingston’s character, Sloan Thompson, and a cyber att4ck threatening the NYPD.

Additionally, political intrigue surrounds Bridget Moynihan’s character, Erin Reagan.

As fans eagerly await the continuation of the series, information about next episodes is slowly appearing. Will Hochman as Joe Hill and Stacy Keach as Archbishop Kearns are set to make cameo appearances in Episode 12, adding to the Reagan family turmoil.

Despite delays caused by the C0V1D-19 pand3mic, Blue Bloods remains a popular show, pulling in around 6 million views per episode. Sneak peeks of future episodes, including a photo of a cheerful family dinner scene, keep fans engaged during the hiatus.

While Tom Selleck’s character, Frank Reagan, is known for his severity, he also brings humor to the set, as evidenced by several bloopers. His fun antics brighten the mood on set, reminding everyone that even on a serious show like Blue Bloods, there’s always place for laughter and friendship among the ensemble.

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