Blue Bloods Fans Launch Campaign to Rescue Show from Cancellation

Devoted fans of the hit NYPD procedural ‘Blue Bloods’ refuse to let go as the show enters its final season. With the series about to expire after 14 seasons, fans have launched a passionate effort to encourage CBS to extend its run. Supporters, led by the @SaveBlueBloods account on X, are pushing for just seven more episodes to reach the coveted 300 mark, or to completely reverse the cancellation.

The movement has gained momentum on social media, with weekly tweets during new episode airings and a growing petition boasting over 12,000 signatures. Even star Donnie Wahlberg has joined the cause, amplifying fan voices with the #SaveBlueBloods hashtag. And it’s not just the fans-lead actor Tom Selleck expresses his willingness to continue as long as there are stories to tell.

As the show’s popularity grows, fans are desperate to keep the Blue Bloods heritage alive. Will CBS answer their call? Stay tuned!

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  1. It is a must continue for Blue Bloods, my opinion! Best series on TV. Great actors/actresses & stories. Keep it on for as long as they can keep acting.

  2. This is a great show and I watch it every week. It is real compare to other police shows. Please continue this show. There are not many shows on TV with this appeal to viewers.
    Is it really about the money or is it something else?!’

  3. I will never give up fighting for BB. I wait all week for Friday to get here so I can find out what my BB Family is up to. They have become my family as well especially Sunday dinners. My Mom and Dad my siblings and I always sat like the Regan’s for Sunday dinner. I followed and do the same as long as I can. Please don’t take this show away from us with the world the way it is right now the Regan’s give me an hour each week to forget everything else. Yesterday, I watched BB on UPTV from three in the afternoon until one in the AM. I love this show so much.

  4. I, for one, totally support the efforts to have CBS rescind their plans to cancel Blue Bloods! The fans want the show to continue and so do the actors so WHY did CBS make such o horrible decision?

  5. There are more stories to tell about the family of Blue Bloods. It’s too soon to cancel this show. There’s a huge following of the show. Don’t cancel Blue Bloods!

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