Blue Bloods Fans Disappointed with Season 14 Premiere – “Call for Show’s End”


The much-anticipated Season 14 opener of the popular police drama Blue Bloods fell short of fan expectations, generating a wave of criticism. Despite several fun moments, many viewers were disappointed and questioned the direction of the last season.

Rumors of cancellation, actors’ pay cuts, and unprecedented strikes added to the anticipation for the new season. However, the premiere failed to deliver, with fans citing recycled plot points and clichés as major disappointments.

Some fans even stated that the performers should not have taken pay cuts, instead calling for the show to stop after thirteen seasons. The sentiment displays a strong preference for quality over pushing the series beyond its peak.

As dissatisfaction mounts, viewers are left wondering if Blue Bloods can redeem itself in the remaining episodes of its final season.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Episodi 1 ‘Loyalty’ — What Topic Did the Episode Address?

In the highly anticipated Season 14 premiere of Blue Bloods, Commissioner Frank Reagan faces a defining moment as he contemplates his identity tied to his job. Amidst a debate with Mayor Chase over handling an influx of illegal immigrants straining New York City’s resources, the episode delves into familiar territory of ambiguous moral dilemmas.

Meanwhile, tensions rise as Officer Eddie clashes with the MacNichols over policing parenting in light of potential cr1minal behavior by a child. The episode maintains the series’ signature blend of familial dynamics and ethical quandaries, offering viewers both the comfort of familiarity and the intrigue of new challenges.

The Repeated Old Story

The season’s opener feels repetitious, with recurring character qualities and sluggish plotlines. However, upcoming episodes promise more action, with Jamie going undercover in a new look and Danny teaming up with Jackie to track down a serial murd3rer. Despite the fact that fans believe the series could have concluded sooner, they remain hopeful that the Reagan family’s tales would be resolved satisfactorily in the final season.

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  1. I liked it and so happy they are back people don’t criticize the Blue Blood gang they’re a lovable bunch and so much fun to watch let us be positive to the men and ladies in blue !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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