Blue Bloods Fans Demand That This Character Return

Blue Bloods fans were left reeling after the mid-season debut, which included Joe Hill’s surprising comeback, played by Will Hochman.

The estranged son of Frank’s late son, Joseph Reagan, makes a moving reappearance in Season 13, Episode 9, “Nothing Sacred.”

The episode centered around the vandalism of Joseph’s gravesite, which deeply affected Joe. The reunion between Joe and the Reagan family, although heartwarming, was overshadowed by the tragic circumstances surrounding the desecration of Joseph’s headstone.

The poignant plot struck a chord with viewers, prompting calls for Joe Hill to become a more prominent part of the show.

Fans flocked to social media to voice their wish for Joe to make more frequent appearances, highlighting the importance of further exploring his character’s bond with the Reagans.

Furthermore, the sneak look highlighted a significant transition for Bridget Moynihan’s character, Erin Reagan, as she begins her road to become a district attorney.

Erin’s drastic outfit change represents a huge leap in her character growth, and fans have praised it for its powerful portrayal.

As anticipation builds for future episodes of Blue Bloods, viewers eagerly await news of a potential Season 14 and hope for more screen time for Joe Hill alongside Erin Reagan’s evolving storyline.

Stay tuned for updates on Blue Bloods and the fate of its beloved characters.

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