Blue Bloods Fans Believe Abigail Baker Has the Show’s Second-Most Iconic Stare


Abigail Hawk has played detective Abby Baker on “Blue Bloods” since the character debuted in Season 1, Episode 2, “Samaritan.” Abby assists her boss, New York City Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), in his day-to-day duties.

Frank and Abby’s relationship has certainly evolved over time. Aside from a strong working relationship, the commish and his confidant have a unique way of communicating without saying anything: their jaw-dropping facial expressions.

And fans believe Abby’s stare is the second most iconic on the CBS cop procedural, after Frank’s.

Abby’s facial expressions aren’t quite as expressive as the commissioner’s, but they’ve developed a hilarious shorthand that doesn’t require words – their eyes tell the whole story. “I watched early episodes through S5, and only in the last few weeks started binging early episodes through S6-S9,” Reddit user u/JardinSurLeToit wrote.

“I d1e laughing every time Baker’s secretary/gatekeeper/detective/counselor shoots him a dramatic look as the office door closes.” Maybe I’m crazy, but it makes me laugh! “I was just wondering.”

“Lmfao!!! “I enjoyed it as well!” maybsminnie replied. “I saw on here that someone suggested making a reel of just her stares as the door closes. Brilliant!”

Baker’s steely stares may lack the Medusa-like power of her boss’s, but her expressions always say so much.

Abby’s gaze isn’t quite as startling as Frank’s.

When “Blue Bloods” character Abby Baker shoots someone a well-deserved look behind their back, her iconic stare can come across as deliciously Jerry Seinfeld-esque. Sure, it lacks the weight and impact of Commissioner Reagan’s (Selleck) facial expressions.

If looks could k1ll, Frank and his assistant are both capable of staring anyone into submission. Plus, when Abby does her thing, you can almost always count on a much-needed moment of levity during the crime drama.


“Does anyone else laugh their heads off when they get that door-closing glare from Baker when someone leaves the Commissioner’s office?” In a Reddit post, u/JardinSurLeToit posed the question. “I agree, Baker’s looks are fantastic!” u/1Trailwatcher added a comment. “Iconic Baker XD,” said another Redditor, u/BMallory413.

Baker, on the other hand, will always win the silver medal when comparing her stares to those of her boss. “It’s the second-most famous facial expression in this show, after Frank Reagan’s concerned look,” u/ High-Time-Cymbaline contended. “At the end of a scene, he purses his lips and breathes in. You know the Commish has a serious quandary on his hands.”

Abby will hopefully light up the internet with a much-needed watercooler-worthy stare before or during the Season 13 finale on May 19.

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