Blue Bloods Fan Favorite ‘Jackie’ Will Appear in the Season Finale for the First Time in 10 Years


The popular cop drama on CBS follows Commissioner Frank Reagan and his family as they fight cr1me in New York City.

The season 13 finale of Blue Bloods will reintroduce a key character who hasn’t appeared on the show in over a decade.

Jennifer Esposito has officially returned as Jackie Curatola, Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) former partner.

She has become a Chief of Police in the nearly 11 years since her last appearance at the start of season three, and she will return to assist Danny in his hunt for a cold-blooded k1ller.

“Danny and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) team up with Danny’s old partner to find a copycat k1ller emulating a cr1minal’s murd3rs from a previous case,” according to the synopsis for the finale, Forgive Us Our Trespasses.

“Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) spar over how to deal with the city’s growing homeless population.”

A new TV Line sneak peek has given fans their first look at Jackie and Danny’s long-awaited reunion on Friday.


In the video, the old partners sit by the beach to plan their terrifying new case.

Jackie explains that a couple staying in a bungalow in New York was strangled to d3ath and their bodies were posed.

Danny recognizes the MO and confirms whether a Biblical quote was written at the scene: “Vengeance is mine, thy will repay.”

The NYPD detective tries to persuade Jackie to let him handle the case, but his former partner insists on accompanying him to help track down the monster.

“You’re the best detective I’ve ever worked with,” she compliments him. “But he’s not the only one looking for a little vengeance.”

“So we’ll work it out together,” she adds, to which Danny responds with a smile and says, “I’d love to.”

The clip ends with Danny receiving a phone call from his current partner, Baez, indicating that there will be plenty of intriguing drama in the final episode of Blue Bloods before the summer.


It’s unclear how Danny’s two partners will interact because Baez was introduced to the series a few episodes after Jackie’s departure in season three.

Could there be some tension between the detective and her superior?

Could they teach each other how to work with Commissioner Frank’s hot-headed son?

Meanwhile, Frank will be dealing with the New York mayor after his ongoing feud with Chase during the previous season.

The series has also been renewed for a 14th season, which is expected to air after the summer, though the ongoing writers’ strike may cause fans to have to wait a little longer.

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